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About Van MOT  An Owner’s Driver’s Guide

Just as one owner driver of the van within this industry includes significant responsibilities. You’re legally obliged to make sure your automobile is protected to be the roads which is important too for that smooth running from the courier industry. The easiest method to do that is by using a Secretary of state for Transport test.

What’s an MOT?

This test helps to ensure that your automobile meets the minimum standard for ecological and road safety needs. It confirms that the motor is or perhaps is not roadworthy during the time of the exam being transported out, that is crucial for couriers.

After its first 3 years, a van should have an MOT which should be repeated each year following this. It is prohibited to not have your automobile tested with no MOT certificate, you can’t obtain a tax disc, which could invalidate your insurance. Insurers frequently have a motor’s roadworthiness into consideration when assessing claims made because of any sort of accident, so you should have your van’s safety as well as your insurance fully as much as scratch.

Based on the type of vehicle, the federal government has set maximum caps on the price of all MOTs. Most vans fall under class four or seven, that are priced correspondingly at £54.85 and £58.60. However, garages can and frequently do charge under the boundaries set through the government.

Exactly What Does it Cover?

As the test doesn’t cover each and every factor that may fail having a van, it will cover probably the most important factors, such as the functionality of brakes, lights, mirrors, tyres and steering, to mention a couple of.

However, an MOT doesn’t measure the engine, clutch or gear box, so the owner driver should be vigilant in their own individual inspections of the vans to make certain to prevent a failure. There’s also no be certain that your motor won’t break lower throughout the entire year between tests, no matter an MOT certificate.

Results and Appeals

The exam is transported on a pass/fail basis. Certificates is awarded in case your vehicle passes the exam. that is now instantly updated online. When the vehicle fails, you’ll be able to appeal the choice inside the first fourteen days the dog owner driver must submit an application VT17 and also the van is going to be retested within 5 days. When the appeal is effective, a complete or partial refund of charges can happen.

Failure to accomplish an MOT for the vehicle even though it is testable is really a breach from the law and could cause a problem notice in the police. This really is presently fixed at £60 , or could result a court fine as high as £1000.

Making certain that the motor is roadworthy and safe isn’t any trivial matter. It is vital that the owner driver beginning out the very first time is fully conscious of how much of an MOT entails and ensures to follow along with legal procedures. This informative guide has provided a short summary of exactly what the test entails and just how important it’s to make certain you follow the law.

40)The Best Van Maintenance Guide for Owner Motorists

For each owner driver within the courier industry, you will find real concerns concerning the costly upkeep of vehicles and the likelihood of a lucrative resale of the van. There’s a couple of easy methods to keep costs low and profits high and steer clear of the headaches that come using the job.

While taking a loss inside a resale is a huge fear for a lot of couriers, there’s also problems with security, engine reliability and legality to take into consideration. They are my some tips for that primary regions of van maintenance.


First of all, the owner driver needs so that you can depend on their own van, meaning the engine should be in tip-good shape. Regularly examining the amounts of engine oil, coolant, screen washers as well as brake fluid is a terrific way to easily keep on the top of the motor. Learning to get this done yourself may also save money and time which help you avoid a visit to the garage.


Not just is really a steering wheel check essential for the general upkeep of the automobile, it is also essential for your safety while driving. Storing heavy equipment and tools in vans could be necessary within this industry, however it adds additional weight to the tyres which could cause harm. You need to regularly look at your tyres’ air pressure to make sure you can depend in it to do securely.


Having a job that needs a lot travelling, safety factors are a higher priority. Faulty or dirty lights may cause accidents and therefore are illegal they are driving with when damaged. Regularly checking all lights will make sure maximum safety on the highway and cleaning will assist you to avoid any difficulties with damage.


Just like any owner driver knows, vans could be a major target for crooks who realize that valuable equipment and tools are frequently kept in them. Among the surest defences from this would be to install additional locks and alarms to help keep thieves out as well as your pockets full. This may also help safeguard against thieves damaging your automobile within the make an effort to break it open.


While the outside of the van doesn’t always lead towards the running from the vehicle, it will possess a major impact with regards to reselling. Keeping on the top for cleaning and paintwork will be sure that the vehicle’s value remains high until you are looking at selling it on. The outside of the van may also produce an important image professionally: a clear and well-looked after motor will assist you to create potential job possibilities.


The inside is equally as essential as the outside with regards to making an impact on the potential buyer. Within this profession , motorists can certainly bring debris and dirt in to the van together which could boost the costs of valeting with regards to reselling. Make certain to clean your clothes and ft off around you are able to before entering the automobile and purchase seat covers to safeguard the interiors from deterioration.

Following these simple tips will enable any owner driver to help keep on the top of crucial maintenance to guarantee the reliability and resale worth of any van. A competent vehicle creates a great courier!