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Few Types of Bearings Available in the Market

They additionally assist to retain grease around the rounds, and raceways. For higher accuracy and to avoid additional friction, it is important that the retainer is not enabled too much radial motion. To achieve this, the retainer is assisted by either the rounds or one of the rings.


Metal Crown/Bow


These common retainers are produced from carbon metal for chrome bearings as well as AISI304 or AISI420 grade stainless metal for stainless bearings. These were commonly made from brass which likewise offered a high-temperature capacity but this is less typical as a result of the higher expense of brass, as well as advances in metal technology.


For greater temperature levels, stainless metal is usually recommended. The crown cage and bow cage do the same feature; however, the crown cage is used mostly on smaller-sized miniature bearings, as well as thin-section bearings where space is more limited. Metal cages, such as Bearing cage Linear Bushing SHW [รังลูกปืน Linear Bushing SHW, which is the term in Thai], are chosen for strenuous operating problems as well as where high degrees of vibration is experienced. Cages in 316 stainless-metal can be fitted to complete ceramic bearings from 8mm birthed upwards.


  • Great for low to medium speeds
  • Crown kind – inner ring directed
  • Can endure higher temperatures according to the type of metal
  • Bow kind – generally round directed


Strengthened Nylon Crown, or TW


This molded fiberglass-reinforced synthetic retainer has better sliding qualities than the metal cage, as well as creates fewer changes in running torque. It can increase optimum rates by as much as 60 percent so is usually used in high-speed applications, as well as has good reduced noise properties. This retainer is not suitable for reduced temperature level applications as it sheds flexibility below 30° C. In vacuum cleaner applications, it may become brittle.


High speed as well as reduced noise:


Temperature array approx., -30 to +120 ° C. Round guided.


Polyethylene Crown, or PE


This reduced speed retainer is made from high thickness polyethylene, or HDPE, as well as utilized in 316 stainless-metal bearings. It has great deterioration resistance so can be utilized in the existence of seawater and many chemicals.


  • Really corrosion immune.
  • Temperature level variety -40 to +80 ° C
  • Inner ring guided